I think i saw rosedye do some outfit designs for her super cute fanbot wind-up a good while ago now and i was like HEY I WANNA DESIGN CLOTHES TOO

as in, google clothes to change the colours of a little because i cant design so HERE’S SOME OF THE FLAMINGO’S WARDROBE CHOICES

1. totally nude. she looks like she’s got underwear built in
2. her ‘normal’ outfit that makes her look a bit like a waiter
3. her ‘party’ outfit, a fun swing dress with stripes
4. her ‘entertainer’ outfit she wears while clowning about for children’s amusement
5. winter clothes. steam powered robots get cold too!
6. pyjamas. she doesnt actually sleep and rarely shuts down even then but she enjoys the flamingo jogging bottoms
7. old timey bathing suit: the only outfit she still has from the era she was created. stands an inch from the water and ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ a lot in it without getting in of course because arrrgh short circuit
8. the flamingo as she was first created: in modest dress, with long rooted hair that could be tied in a bun to suit the fashion

haaaagh look at all that pink

might do some ‘through the ages’ SPG clothing designs in this style because its really nice and clean and pretty and i like looking at vintage fashion

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