Usagi and Her Bicycle Gang.  Inspired by Babs Tarr’s Bosozoku Sailor Scouts.
Also thanks to my wife for her feedback on the clothes.  8)


Usagi and Her Bicycle Gang.  Inspired by Babs Tarr’s Bosozoku Sailor Scouts.

Also thanks to my wife for her feedback on the clothes.  8)


Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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woah theyre gonna reboot astro boy too?

A message from Anonymous
Is there a reason that you made the scooby doo gang more ethnic? I understand not everyone is white but those characters have different back stories and parents, and you just changed it to make it more socially acceptable.

yeah i did that was literally the reason


anyway im gonna give you a full on run-down of my reasoning

it all started one day when i joined tumblr and i discovered that fan-artists were fond of something called ‘racebending’ and liked to do it with popular characters i was like…whaaaat that’s dead weird i feel weird about that

and then i was like…but they are just fictional. like. they are not real. they can be interpreted in all sorts of ways. if you, dear stranger, are into fandom, you’ve probably forumlated your own ‘headcanons’ about stuff. it’s easier to do with text than with visual stuff, i get that. and i dont take anyone’s all that seriously. for somebody highly invested in fiction, i also know that it IS fiction, and is up for interpretation.

so when you say i ‘just changed it to make it more socially acceptable’, yeah, you’re on the money. i did. in this day and age, it’s totes acceptable to see a multi-racial cast. i mean, did you ever see motorcity? that was a pretty diverse main cast. (if you havent seen it by the way, see it, its a real fun ride)

with regards to my own reinterpretation of the scooby doo gang, well, bingo bango bongo, here we go.

in 2009, i think, a CN live-action adaptation of SD was made called ‘scooby-doo the mystery begins’. it’s like, an actual kid-orientated film based on the SD franchise. (as compared to the other movies, which, as an almost-adult now, i can totally see were full of not at all kid orientated stuff)

anyway, obviously they re-cast the gang with younger, hipper actors. they play their roles with varying degrees of ‘trueness to the character’ though there’s been countless interpretations of the gang over the years. this film obviously had its own interpretations and new stuff to bring in

and the character of velma dinkley was played by hayley kiyoko, a very beautiful young woman of japanese/caucasian ethnic origin. and at first i was like, hm, ok, that’s different. i didnt immediately cry WOAH NOW RACE CHANGE, but, it was still a little like, hm.

but then in the end i was like, hey, it’s the 2000s. and i was just excited because it meant i was one step closer to BEING LIKE VELMA (i myself am a biracial white/asian kid) i think this is what they call ‘representation’ though im not well versed enough in the lingo to be certain

so when i decided i was going to draw a modern day re-imagining of scooby doo, based upon but not sticking right close to, i tried to think of what i’ve seen this particular online community likes. because, at the end of the day, what i make it mainly to share with others. i want people to like me, and i want to make stuff that people would enjoy. the original scooby doo series reflected the sort of ‘norm’, i guess, of 1960s america. im english. everything i know about modern day america comes from TV and the internet. im just putting out designs based on the kind of people that real life real exist. i hope.

so stuck to velma being white/asian biracial. shaggy, i drew to be lebanese, because his original voice actor, the late great casey kasem, (born kemal amen casem) was lebanese. i just wanted to make them match up. daphne, well, i initally had no ideas but after perusing a few peoples ‘fancasts’ (which again, i tend not to take too seriously), i had the idea to make her a real hilary banks. but when it came down to fred i knew there was no changing him. to me, fred jones is the epitome of all-american white boy, apple pie and baseball type deal.

oh wait! i just want to address one other thing. you said that the characters all have different back stories and stuff. im not sure exactly what you’re getting at here, sorry, but across the board, the backstories for the gang as changed often. stuff gets added, ret-conned, removed, and in the last cartoon incarnation, the characters were all given brand new parents and backstories, chucking out the old to make way for the new. it happens. it’s happened. i have chucked out their new, and made my own new. and just as they chucked, i also chucked.

but yeah. overall, youre still right. i just did it to be socially acceptable. ‘cause hey, it is.


But you can’t stop people from loving each other!

The Delinquents (1989)


Halloween Is Almost Here!
Hotel Transylvania


Kainora and Kataang Parallels